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Find a Rainbow Under the Sea

I remain among the naïfs in the universe of media, social as well as the stuff we are meant to sit back and passively take in like water from a fire hose. My family still has no TV, no cable. We watch a few hours of this or that DVD each week, and the occasional podcast or YouTube delectation. I think I am too busy for more. There is too much out there in reality to experience and, especially, to do. But every now and then I remember to be thankful for the wonders of the world wide web. Many, the young digital natives, now make decisions that affect many and do not remember a world that antedates this connectivity. But I remember.

The other day, I again found myself grateful for a lovely, uplifting few moments that an artistic eye, ear, camera skill, a wonder at the sea, and the magic of internet video allowed to enter my world. My friend, Jeannette Heidrich, adventures. Here is what she told me about the short scuba video she created and shared:

Niue is an island nation under the protection of New Zealand, but is close to Fiji and Tonga in the Pacific. Two flights a week out of Auckland is the only way to get there. It is the largest raised atoll in the world, this results in the rain draining thru the island so there is no run-off. Also, there are few nutrients in the water because the drop off happens so quickly, there isn’t a lot of coral. Some say for these reasons, the water is the clearest in the world.

Here is Jeannette's gift, to everyone who is lucky enough to watch it. Take four minutes to re-lubricate your creaky sense of wonder, and feel your load lighten for the rest of the day!

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