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Girlfriend-ship Day!!!

Yesterday, some great conversation blossomed around the subject of Female Friendship, aka"GIRLFRIENDS!" What we mean in one another's lives and why that matters for the whole world. Small moments writ large. We women have good reason to join in friendship. The world has good reason to follow suit. I LOVE my girlfriends!

Thank you, Michael Krasny, for hosting co-author, Marilyn Yalom, and I on KQED's marvelous FORUM show. Your grace and ease made those daunting microphones disappear. I loved hearing the listeners' comments and stories, only wish we could have spent the whole hour on each one of them.

AND THEN -- a magical time as the soft gloaming fell over oak-studded fields outside a dear friend's home where she had managed to cajol a group of remarkable, busy, achieving women for a brief respite where, as a group we could celebrate our girlfriends. Thank you, each and every one. Those moments of warmth, support, and mutual caring are what The Social Sex is all about.

Marilyn in the KQED "Talent Room."

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